It is not necessary

It is not necessary How to reach it?

There are four groups of changes: to change idea of itself and the shyness; to change the behavior; to change the direction of thoughts and actions of other people; to change the certain social factors promoting shyness.

It is not necessary sharp steps.

The block behind the block as a great Egyptian pyramid, we will construct selfconfidence.

There is no miracle, fast cure of treatment, sladkopakhnushchy snake ointment of doctor Zimbardo will not bring social success.

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It is the truth: the feeling

It is the truth: the feeling The boxer or the famous tennis player will immediately get to a children environment, and the one who only talks profusely, will be ruthlessly left alone.

Most often our guests note that it is impossible to distinguish children from employees.

It is the truth: the feeling of a unification is very strong when children feel support.

The teacher as that is allocated with nothing.

Pupils and employees eat same and submit to rules of the hostel, identical to all.

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Number of players: By the beginning

Number of players: By the beginning Theater from old gloves Age: years.

Number of players: By the beginning of spring in a case a large number of separate childrens mittens and gloves always accumulates.

Do not hurry them to throw out we want to suggest you suit glove theater.

For this purpose color buttons, a thread with a needle, gouache paints and, of course, your imagination will be necessary.

Doll house Age: let.

Number of players: Make a doll lodge, having fastened together four boxes of the identical size: two from below, two from above.

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To this look

To this look To this look we carried cases of the wrong reading of the terminations words, the forms of number, a sort leading to violations, a vra pass etc.

This group joined only those mistakes, which the child allowed when reading the dependent word phrases, that is the form of the main word was to it so far it is unknown.

For example, a zhilabyla a goat lived there was a goat, zhilbyl a goat; at forest gate at forest collar; to them frosts are not terrible to them Moro is not terrible zy; she saw the ant sinks, and threw to him a branch she saw the ant sinks, and rushed to him a branch.

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There was that

There was that The doctor told: it is improbable, this miracle.

Children in a womb geniuses, at them are the highest level of communicative opportunities and abilities to training as ever in life.

Till todays moment was considered that the child in an unconscious womb, has opportunities less than the person.

There was that it not so.


H reports: I had a probability of an abortion, the doctor advised to make abortion.

However my husband refused and always spoke to the child, having put the hand on my stomach: be strong and you will be issued.

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