At the second

At the second At the first the child with congenital violation of all immune system or its partial defeat can be born.

Such children already since the birth continuously are ill.

In the first months of life they need to be surveyed in specialized clinics.

At the second the child is born healthy, however further diseases, mental injuries, any stress can be the cause of defeat of immune system.

Late applying to a breast weakens immunity!

Consider that the newborn has a stress at a separation it from mother right after childbirth, at its late applying to a breast.

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In spite

In spite I believed that I will pass entrance examinations in institute of the dream because I achieved considerable results in development of software training in images about which I was skeptical.

At first I did not trust in it.

After I learned from my teacher about boundless opportunities of software and force of images, I started being trained.

In spite of the fact that I was intense a day before examination, at examination I was quiet.

I will never forget that condition of pleasure when learned that I arrived.

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Josephine Zhanna Hebrew: Gods favor.

Josephine Hebrew: increased by God.

Zhyulyetta derivative of Yulia.

Entertainment Old Russian: cheerful.

Zabira Arab: stronghold, force.

Zara Arab: gold.

Zarema Turkic: a scarlet dawn.

Sarin Arab: gold.

Zarif Arab: witty, elegance.

Zemfira Latin: rebellious.

Zinaida Ancient Greek: belonging to Zeus.

Ziniya Ancient Greek: hospitable.

Zinoviya Ancient Greek: life which was spared by Zeus.

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Perfect Ability of the instant account.

Perfect ear.

Ability to languages.

From for this dominance of the right brain during this period children are geniuses.

When training in language there is a learning by means of the right brain, and there is a learning by means of the left brain.

In the first three years learning goes at the expense of the right hemisphere if during this period there was no training in language, speaking becomes almost impossible.

Geniuses and predictors are born from people who use the right brain.

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Then ask the child

Then ask the child That absolutely to confuse you, the child in general will put nothing under cups, and you will vainly fight, trying to guess where the coin is hidden Salt and pepper Age: years.

Number of players: any.

Mix a little salt and pepper.

Then ask the child to separate a spoon salt from pepper.

Of course, these attempts will not bring any result.

A secret here in what.

It is necessary to rub a spoon about a sweater, it is desirable made of artificial wool or fiber, and then to take it over mix.

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