Help them

Help them Feel love, sympathy and empathy Your task to help to overcome shyness to both the child, and neighbours, and even to your students.

Help them to understand that attractive is in each of them.

Begin with a compliment to the child or students on the fact that they made, or that in them is pleasant to you.

Tell: How you manage to do hair such beautiful?

, but it is not simple: You have beautiful hair or It was always pleasant to me as you joke or: as you solve problems you always find the original solution.

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It accordion

It accordion Sample: A saw that do?

saw, saw off, saw.

Screwdriver that do?

A shovel that do?

Braid that do?

An axe that do?

Rake that do?

A hammer that do?

Exercise Musicians.

Musicians play musical instruments.

Call each musician on a sample.

Sample: The bear cub plays an accordion.

It accordion player.

Exercise Where lie?

From where we will take?

The father asked Vanya to bring him from a workshop tools.

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I decide

I decide The shivering moist hands, face reddening, spasms in a stomach.

There is a wish to run away.

She recognizes me and will feel irritation from that, that I did not listen.

Why I become such nervous, what I cannot remember anything?

Perhaps I should pass one more course?

Course silly.

task ridiculous, and I am ridiculous.

I decide to drink stakes.

I decide to observe the guy who is engaged in the same it not helps.

I try to find the necessary book in shop.

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Therefore As soon as the child wakes up, he from a bed, warm, is dipped into a bathtub, then muffles in a sheet, at once puts on and starts other hygienic procedures.

At contrast procedures the bloodgroove in nasopharyngeal area significantly improves.

Therefore at growth of adenoides and chronic tonsillitis contrast procedures in combination with food which is recommended in the previous conversations are shown.

Beganiye on snow If the child got used to douche by a foot cold water, during the winter period it is possible to strengthen the tempering effect running barefoot on snow.

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Then the teacher

Then the teacher After that the teacher asks children why the poem is called Confusion.

Children who put counters, asks to call the noticed tales.

Then the teacher reads the following part of the poem; surely watches that children did not get tired as game demands big intellectual tension.

At the end of the game it is necessary to praise those who noticed more tales and correctly explained them.

Further it is possible to use also other tales, for example K.

Chukovskys poem Pleasure.

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