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Once you waited

Once you waited This vaccination was done to the kid who had signs of increase of intra cranial pressure after the delivery.

Once you waited with an inoculation to , years, is written to instructions, to begin vaccination not earlier than in months after disappearance of pathological symptoms and only after the conclusion of the neuropathologist and there would be no such trouble.

This child after months began to develop well, and the doctor, in defiance of the instruction, decided to do vaccination, despite the symptoms taking place in the first months of life of the kid.

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V you the unlimited

V you the unlimited If you had one night for occupations by love with any person in the world whom you would choose?

One month of life Present that you have a fatal disease and you needed to live one month.

V you the unlimited number of money and still is enough health.

How you will spend your last month?

Where you will go?

What will you do?

Who will be with you?

How you will carry out the last day?

How you will die?

Who will be with you in the last minutes?

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I did not lose

I did not lose Prenatal nervous trembling Being the second time of the pregnant woman, I did not doubt seconds that I will go the blazed road, i.


I will give birth under the contract in ohms maternity hospital.

I did not lose touch with Olesya Viktorovna, and it appeared here good luck!

that she by that moment was appointed the manager of paid office.

That is she conducted pregnant women on VHI, contracts signed too, and respectively delivered platnitsa.

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Evgenia Share Slavic: destiny, course of life.

Dominica Latin: madam, from a mans name of Dominique.

Blast furnace Latin: madam, hostess.

Don Tajik: kernel.

Dora derivative of Feodor.

Dorofei Ancient Greek: Charisma, from a mans name Dorofei.

Eve Hebrew: live, life, first female name.

Evgenia Ancient Greek: noble, from a mans name Evgeny.

Eudoxia Greek: goodwill.

Evlaliya Ancient Greek: eloquence.

Evlampiya Ancient Greek: soft, pleasant light.

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Where this

Where this But in a few minutes, already in a tray, the child calms down, and we see still later: the kid is happy, to him it is good in water.

It is difficult to overestimate value of process of communication of the child with the mother.

Where this process happened: on home cuisine, about the computer in the fathers office, in a garden or in the subway.

Any touches of mother to the child the help to it in development.

Any joint actions for example, cooking, a lunch or cleaning of the apartment acquaint the child with human culture.

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