It is necessary

It is necessary An exception is mass express inspection of children at their selection on a school logopunkt or inspection of graduates of kindergartens, etc.

As a rule, parents ask to settle down at some distance so that the child felt their presence, but did not see them constantly.

It is necessary for the following reasons.

Vopervykh, presence of mother or father inspires the child, does it quieter and surer.

Sometimes he even turns around to see reaction of parents.

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Any happy

Any happy Any happy man never killed and did not steal.

Any happy chief never kept the subordinates in awe.

All crimes, all rage, all wars can be reduced to unhappiness.

This book attempt to show how there is a misfortune as it destroys human life and that it is possible to make that the misfortune, whenever possible, did not arise.

Moreover, it is the book about a concrete place Sammerkhill where the childrens misfortune recovers and that is even more important, children are raised in happiness.

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The comment

The comment Children approve or correct the heard option.

It is possible to ask children that they every time explained quality of a sound: soft it or firm.

The kid puts the subject in the corresponding hole of a tray and defines their place in the context of the word.

The comment In this exercise igrushkupredmt it is possible to replace with pictures.

It is easier to pick up them in any quantity.

To carry out exercise repeatedly, offering children of a box with various subjects or pictures.

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The teacher

The teacher At the end of the game the teacher specifies: What to you helped to get a ball?

The ball lay highly, and you small.

You got up on a stool and became higher.

To you the stool helped to get a ball.


Equipment: clockwork toy, key.

Occupation course.

The teacher invites the child and gives it a key from a clockwork toy.

The clockwork toy in a transparent package hangs highly.

The child has to get it, having used as a supportive application a banquette.

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Girls litsedeystvut

Girls litsedeystvut Sammerkhillsky actors have no fear of a scene.

To look at kids continuous delight, they live the roles with full sincerity.

Girls litsedeystvut with bigger readiness, than boys.

Boys till years in general very seldom play on stage and if do it, only in gangster plays of own composition, and some children so never and do not rise by a stage simply do not wish.

For many years works we found out that the worst actors is those who litsedeystvut in life.

To such child anywhere from itself not to get to, and on a scene he is occupied only by itselfhimself.

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