We already

We already Leontyevs remark, as well as a bolypinstvo of operations in activity of the person, is result of training, mastering socially developed ways and means of action Page It demands from the reader of the uniform direction of scanning of information from left to right.

Change of this direction leads to translation errors of visual information in the speech.

We already mentioned that reading is translation process of information from one code in another.

In oral speech we use a sound code.

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It is possible

It is possible Straws for drinks differ with color, length and thickness.

For certain in kakomnibud a box spoons, forks and knives from different sets lie alternately.

Let children will attentively study them to the smallest curls on handles and will find relatives.

It is possible to mix pasta of different forms and to ask kids to sort them.

Let they will divide mix of peas, haricot and lentil into three groups.

Mix any subjects and products, your assistants will patiently put everything in order.

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August : Alkiviad, Joaquim, Lavrenti, Nicodemus, Neil, Saviour, Herimon. August

August : Alkiviad, Joaquim, Lavrenti, Nicodemus, Neil, Saviour, Herimon. August August : Alexander, Vasily, Guy, Zenon, Claudius, Makar, Maxim, Maria, Mark, Martin, Susanna Sosanna, Fyodor.

August : Alexander, Anikita, Kapiton, Kastor, Palamon, Pamfil Panfil, Sergey, Stepan, Photius.

August : Eudoxia, Ippolit, Irina, Ksenia, Maxim, Tikhon.

August : Arkady, Lucius, Markell, Mikhey, Monica, Feodosiy.

August : Levky.

August : Alkiviad, Joaquim, Lavrenti, Nicodemus, Neil, Saviour, Herimon.

August : Miron, Pavel, Roza, Philip, Firs, Yulianiya Yulia, Ulyana.

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Scientific It is especially noted that to specific difficulties of training the states caused by primary violations of sight, hearing or a motility, intellectual backwardness, emotional frustration, and also adverse sociocultural or economic living conditions do not belong.

Scientific British Dyslexia Association Great Britain even more expand the concept dyslexia, allocating in structure of this violation additional symptoms.

The dyslexia is defined by them as a neurologic condition of an organic origin which symptoms can be shown in the form of the isolated or complex violation of reading, the letter, spelling, written language, the account and the musical letter.

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To the child

To the child The reason the boy rode a branch; a consequence of the first on row broke a branch; a consequence of the second order injured to itself a hand fig.

Occupation course.

To the child suggest to consider the picture and to tell that there it is represented and that occurred.

In case of difficulty the teacher asks: What the tree grew?

Who stands near a tree?

What happened to a branch?

What happened to the boys hand?

Who broke a branch?

Whether the boy what he broke a branch regrets?

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