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Do not cost

Do not cost And anything, no money or positions of the world, cost simple family happiness.

Do not cost those blissful minutes when your child, having nestled all over, looks for calm and protection in your embraces.

Do not cost sincere words of love which it, filling up, speaks to you from a bed.

Do not cost a pride and triumph which you test when you see its progress.

Generally, in this world there are many important things, but more important own children are not present ANYTHING.

And the voice of reason won.

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Memory POSTSCRIPT: For the container you could only use the file as an envelope.

Memory intuition Game: Guess, what picture I show Prepare two it is similar looking pictures.

Show to your child of one of them.

Take out these two fig.

and ask that they assumed what was it that you showed of remind of return of a debt to be surprised, they understand it VERY OFTEN!

Bring animals to their mothers Show a picture with animals.

Give to your child of young animals and ask that they brought animals to the mothers.

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So into

So into My shtampovy consciousness such always also represented Grigory as well as Dasha for me is a dark girl.

So into whom our swarty brunette as a result turned?

In the blueeyed blonde!

And the daughter too, though was born with dark hair, now carries fairhaired.

And here I will overcome now on the Grisha and I think: Well, what you are Grishka?

You are Stepka!

And to that I Olya did not listen?

Yes who knew, what such bluishblack little boy will decide to change a color?

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Timid people

Timid people The timid person an antipode aggressive.

Timid people seldom happen big sinners.

Thanks to them in society the peace is maintained.

One more advantage of shyness that the person becomes razborchivy in the relationship with others.

It gives the chance to stand aside, to observe the events and only then to work carefully and after careful consideration.

The timid person can be sure that will never consider him unpleasant, too aggressive or pretentious.

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She found

She found Similar programs use in Klermonsky college Clermont, California, in advice center of doctor Dorothy of Smith.

She found out that most of people is interested in workshops for timid, than workshops for training as the problem connected with difficulties of communication excites them much more, than a question of receiving narrow specialization in kakoynibud areas more.

Like pennsylvanian clinic, the workshop for timid Clermonts cities pays special attention to training and practical use of skills of communication.

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