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Offering Thus on a card either the picture, or the word a warehouse is represented.

Offering the real exercises with the mobile alphabet, we remember that all of them are real only after strictly certain presentation to the child of this classical language material M.


Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Moscow, in others Montessori groups of Russia, in other countries was applied.

Date Exercises are offered on materials of the international course of Montessori of pedagogics in the German Academy of development and rehabilitations Munich.

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Once at meeting

Once at meeting Here somebody will smile and will tell: But your voice nevertheless has bigger value, after all the truth?

Well, lets look.

Once at meeting I made the offer that to none of pupils years are younger it was not allowed to smoke.

I reasoned the offer so: smoking reception of poisonous drug, actually any appeal to children has no this occupation, simply they try to seem more adult.

Counterarguments departed to me.

Took vote.

My offer was failed by the vast majority of voices.

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Having reached

Having reached Children are built on one in a column, putting hands on shoulders ahead of the standing.

The teacher, pointing to an arrow, speaks: Went!

All start moving, sentencing: Chu Chu chu!

The teacher conducts the train in one direction.

Having reached the arrow designating turn he speaks: The arrow shows that it is necessary to turn here.

The train moves to the following index: And here the arrow shows that it is necessary to turn in this party.

The train goes in the new direction.

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If you are interested

If you are interested We read under the tape recorder times, every time the speed of reading increases in the end hardly we manage to say words and to turn pages.

If you are interested in a question who increases reading speed the teacher, the tape recorder or parents, answer: Speed of reading is increased by the teacher, using the tape recorder, and parents follow the speed set by the tape recorder.

This task on the tape recorder is issued in the form of a semisong semichant with music it seems, the muzsoprovozhdeniye is made on the computer.

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Further: Be convinced

Further: Be convinced We saw each other at a party at Clark last week.

Further: Be convinced that you were recognized.

If is not present, repeat the name.

Pay the person the compliment connected with your previous meeting, concerning his ideas, thoughts, the income, sense of humour so to speak, its features.

Be persistent at purpose of appointment: I will be glad if you go with me to cinema this Friday.

Be exact at an appointment place explanation.

You have to imagine in advance, what is the time appointment can borrow.

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  • It is necessary
  • Took offense
  • In spite
  • I decide
  • So into
  • When children
  • There was that
  • To this look
  • It is not necessary
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