Took offense

Took offense At best, he will turn to everything a deaf ear, in the worst will answer somehow inadequately.

This time there came the worst case.

Dimochka, I want to call the father that it brought us to maternity hospital, I chirped, and suddenly it is childbirth, you after all will remain with me?

I will not be able.

Today very important day, I has to be at work I simply choked with indignation.

Took offense terribly.


That you such say yes?

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Conditions: when


Equipment: doll; doll wooden table; doll ware.

Occupation course.

The teacher suggests the child to treat a doll with tea.

The doll sits on a stool at a table.

At a table three legs, and the fourth, broken off, lies near a table.

The ware is on other table.

Conditions: when on a table at which the doll sits, put ware, the table falls.

The child has to find the reason of falling of a table, i.


lack of one leg, to find it and to insert into place.

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